Planter Boxes


Give your plants and vegetables a healthy home for growth. This rustic planter box is designed with plenty of room for plants to grow to their full potential. The protection of the box keeps the soil warmer during the winter months , which could extend the growing season and protect sensitive plants. Great for a relaxed  country-feel on your patio or in the garden. These wooden planter boxes create a space for your favourite greenery to make a statement.

Adds a new hint of beauty to any part of your home, perfect for placement on the patio, porch, deck, balcony, or in the garden. This trendy wooden planter box will add a unique vintage touch to your living space.


  • These awesome handmade wooden boxes have a beautiful rustic appeal.
  • A wooden planter box for flowers, vegetable or herbs.
  • Finished off with enough holes for drainage. Easy to move or transport around.
  • Rustic wooden planter boxes are all the rage and these have been treated to last.
  • Excellent garden accessories for planting herbs and veggies.
  • Not painted but treated with wood preservative.


  • 900mm W x 350mm H  x 370mm W